Thinking Anew #3

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Harmony with Nature, Moving Forward

Miller World In Unison QuoteIn Thinking Anew 1 and 2, I shared ideas on how to give ourselves the space to allow ideas and inspiration to float up to our awareness. Working with this awareness and the goodness within us, we live fully and joyfully while contributing to the well-being of others.

To think anew, I must disengage from divisive conversations and stop running old scripts in my head of perceived rights and wrongs. Taking this first step gives me insight into my own agenda for making certain comments. Now, every time I imagine engaging those conversations, I feel a sinking down into all that goes wrong when I agree to think only one way.

Divisive conversations are had with people with whom we agree and with those with whom we disagree. When we talk about our side being right, we create a division. There is no power in these conversations, and new solutions are drowned in the old ways.

As I step out of this cycle, I find myself alone without the usual external supports. Then, I look to the second step in Thinking Anew. I remember my values, beliefs, and principles – those noble traits to which I aspire and the truths which guide my actions. I am not alone. When I am strong in my values, I am living in alignment with what David Hawkins describes as “something greater, universal and innate in the human heart.” (Power vs Force, page 177)

In alignment with this energy, I take a third step to ‘see’ more clearly. I am not talking about seeing as one of the five senses. I am speaking of the capacity to understand context and to grasp what is truly going on. My job is to discern underlying dynamics and repeating patterns in the material world around me.

The real action in life is taking place in the energy around us. The actress, Geraldine Page told a story of how she realized that the invisible had great power to communicate. When she tried to verbally explain certain thoughts to others, even those with whom she was aligned, she found they did not grasp the context and essence. However, when she imbued the energy/ essence/ feeling of these ideas in herself, people got it. Page’s realization aligns with Gary Zukav’s statement: “The majority of our interactions with other human beings occurs in nonphysical reality.” (Seat of the Soul, page 92)

To think anew, we must be able to operate in the realm of energy. Remember all the times when words did not match the feelings you had in your gut or actions were not aligned with the stated, material purpose. Once we see clearly, we choose to act in alignment with our highest values and principles – which is not necessarily reflected in the material reality of each circumstance.

Power Peers seek to listen to their knowing and see the full picture. Please contact me to learn more and comment below to share your thoughts on what it feels like to be able to discern the nonphysical energies around you.

Thanks for participating in the conversation, Laura

Laura Piening

Laura Piening

For nearly thirty years, Laura has worked with businesses, nonprofits and individuals to create clarity of meaning, purpose and organization.

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