Power Peers Network

A forum to explore the heroic nature of who you truly are

The Vision
People from all walks of life around the world join as peers to explore and support efforts to create, work, and live expressing true power as a collaborative force for good.

We learn from one another and build the experience of living as human beings - aligned with the Divine - in harmony with nature - using technology to improve society.

Who are Power Peers?
Collaborative creators seeking peers with whom to explore, share, and plan

Brave beings called to stand in uncertainty so that a deeper order can show itself

Critical thinkers who thrive when engaging new perspectives and seeing the big picture

Successful individuals who feel there is "something more" to be achieved in their lives

People who desire to give back to life in exchange for the life given them

What is the Power Peers Network?
A forum for us to develop the strength and awareness to go forth as models and mentors, leading companies and building communities with innovative and life-affirming approaches

An online community providing a space to envision new ways of being, doing, and solving problems

A network of peer mentors who support one another in implementing ideas to generate changes beyond the current structures

People coming together to bring the best of ourselves to each other and to the world

“Laura Piening is an absolutely brilliant person. She is so smart and so fast; she gets it!”
-Terry Cole-Whittaker, Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author, Live Your Bliss!

How It Works

Power Peers Seminar

  • Curriculum is designed for participants to envision the community they wish to create and to explore how they want to operate in these challenging times
  • Seminar serves to establish trust and awareness within a cohort in order to share what is and is not working as you seek to be Power Peers in the world
  • Four 90-minute conference calls once a week, evenings
  • One 30-minute coaching call with Laura Piening, founder of Power Peers Network
  • Peer calls and coaching provide opportunities to ask questions and develop ideas related to your work and community projects
  • Recommended before entering Power Peers Network

Power Peers Network

  • Weekly 60-minute conference calls, evenings & days
  • Facilitated by Laura as a supportive circle of peers
  • Peers explore new ways to operate at higher levels
  • Peers share ideas, insights, and questions
  • Continuity of support and resources provided

Individual Coaching

  • Guidance, resources, and support for individuals provided by Laura
  • Clients come to understand their place in a greater pattern of life and how to thrive in uncertainty by trusting their inner knowing to guide actions
  • Laura works with clients to focus on building a balance of humanity, nature, and technology in one’s life as a model for others
  • Coaching services packaged to fit client needs

“The class provided great insight into the powers I have to improve my life. Laura’s ability to challenge me to imagine and explore possibilities was exciting.
-Power Peers participant

by Laura Piening

Thought Provoking
By Amazon Customer

Your Afterlife Review is thought provoking as well as intriguing. It will have you thinking in more depth about your life - past, present and future. The author gives the reader a glimpse into some of her own life experience. The book is well written and presents complex concepts clearly. The format of questions and examples helped me consider other possibilities. It's a great read! I plan to read it again.


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