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True Power Seeks Peers

Laura Piening

Laura Piening
Founder and Principal

reating Clarity Now and the Power Peers Network were developed by Laura Piening to support leaders as they strive to grow personally and professionally and to build strong, agile organizations and communities.

For nearly thirty years, Laura has worked with businesses, nonprofits and individuals to create clarity of meaning, purpose, and organization.  Her professional path includes an MBA in Finance and experience as a Wall Street banker, organizational development consultant, nonprofit executive director, and motivational speaker.

The depth and breadth of these experiences have strengthened her ability to inspire vision, to bring people together, and to develop successful partnerships. Laura also has a significant capacity to learn, understand and synthesize concepts and information into clarity for communication and action.

Over the years, consulting services evolved as client assignments grew in scope. Projects include visioning and strategic planning; reorganizing departments of major corporations; developing policies and procedures for growing small businesses; helping sole proprietors create and implement business plans; and facilitating board retreats and fund development for nonprofits. Client testimonials are presented below.

Laura’s mother once asked her if she wanted to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond. Laura answered, “Neither. I want to be a big fish in a big pond with other big fish loving life and living in harmony!” She knew that true power seeks peers. Today, the Power Peers Network is the actualization of this intention.

The approach for both consulting and the network is based on the belief that human beings are part of something greater than ourselves. When we work in alignment with the flow of life, we accomplish more. Each human has unique talents and abilities, and when applied, creativity is enhanced. Most people desire to be useful. And most importantly, when people work together they can accomplish anything.


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Laura is truly an expert in the field of organizational management! She is also a visionary who can help others create a vision, develop strategies, and implement successful initiatives. I would highly recommend Laura for both public and private organizations.
Ann Kerman

Deputy Executive Officer, LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

I had the pleasure of working with Laura on many projects over the course of several years. I was consistently impressed and inspired by Laura’s leadership and vision. She is a talented facilitator, consistently bringing together and successfully managing diverse talents and personalities in executing long-range plans and goals. Laura sees the big picture–often ahead of others–while skillfully keeping her team on task. She is the rare leader that knows how to leverage others’ talents alongside her own while avoiding micromanaging. Perhaps best of all, she does all of this while maintaining a great sense of humor and never losing sight of how a project connects to the mission and the youth whose lives will be impacted as a result of her and her team’s efforts.
Allison Bechill

Executive Director, SDCE Foundation

Laura’s ability to empower others, bring together diverse groups, and build capacity within teams demonstrates her leadership, strategy, and design expertise. She brings a wealth of experience and a keen ability to streamline complicated processes to overcome challenges and achieve positive outcomes.
Shannon McAndrews, Ed.D.

Heritage Project, AVID

Laura Piening is someone who consistently delivers what she promises. I have utilized Laura’s services as a coach on more than one occasion, and I continue to be surprised each time by how much we accomplish. I was extremely resistant to the idea of writing a formal business plan, so she created a nontraditional one that is so perfectly tailored to me that I actually use it! It is creative, practical, and inspiring.
Lainie Goldstein

Psychotherapist and life coach, Create the Life U Want

I can recommend Laura Piening without reservation. Laura worked with us to develop systems for tracking every phase of publications development and to evaluate potential strategies for overcoming obstacles and realizing our goals. In sum, Laura’s skills as an organizer, a mediator, and a communicator served our program well.
William Hackman

J. Paul Getty Trust