Creating Clarity Now

Let’s take the road not taken and see the good we can create together.  

Power Peers Network

A forum to explore the heroic nature of who you truly are.  


Build your organization powered by people who share a common vision.  

Organizing Principle

Natural order exists in every system and relationship.

Clarity is the ability to find order in chaos by seeing the big picture.

This clarity allows us to make the choices that serve our highest values.

Providing consulting, coaching, project management, and resources for over 25 years.

Businesses Soar

Businesses Soar

Working with businesses of all sizes in a variety of fields to guide organizational growth; to develop effective systems; to manage transition projects; and to create positive cultures.

Nonprofits Thrive

Nonprofits Thrive

Experienced nonprofit director provides expertise to build organizational capacity and to develop strong community and funder support to sustain programs and public benefit.

Individuals Shine

Individuals Shine

The Power Peers Network offers individuals a forum to develop the strength and awareness to go forth as models and mentors, leading projects and building communities with innovative and life-affirming approaches.

Driving Dynamics for Creating Clarity Now

We are part of something greater than ourselves.

Each human being has unique talents and abilities.

Most people desire to be useful and of service to others.

People working together can accomplish anything.

We are always supported by Life. We need only play our part with truth and compassion. It takes courage.

-Laura Piening/Creating Clarity Now

How Will You Report Out?

In her first e-book, Laura Piening presents a spiritual exploration to transform personal development. Laura proposes you imagine that there is indeed an afterlife review at which you will be asked questions about how you lived, what you did, and who you grew to be over the years. This is a book of questions to help you gain clarity for living your life—right here, right now. It is a book for the spirit, your deepest soul, no matter what your belief system. It offers common sense to set a foundation to support you through life’s ups and downs. The book contains exercises to visualize the afterlife review which resonates with you.


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