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We often hear that it is important for us to be talking with one another about ‘what matters.’ In the Power Peers Network video-calls, this is exactly what we do. Conversations begin with big concepts like courage, trust, knowing, and power; then evolve as participants lead one another into new realizations and confidence.

Using big concepts, we step above the usual dialogues and repeated exchanges of platitudes promoted by the media. These concepts are defined as values, principles, attributes, and ideals. However, a recent Power Peers conversation about the meaning of ‘values’ itself demonstrated that there are different ways to consider the word.

One participant helped shift perspectives through this statement: Values dictate our priorities; priorities shape our choices; and choices determine our actions. Looking backwards from actions taken, we understood that some people value money, safety, control, and prestige above the aspirational human traits, of which we were first speaking.

Next time you sit in a meeting, listen to the choices people make as they speak. Can you get a sense of what they value in the moment? This new perspective has allowed me to speak with more understanding and to ask better questions. In this way, the other people and I come together more readily to address the purpose of the meeting.

Power Peers speak of values, such as honesty, family, love, kindness, and service to others. In this way, we gain greater clarity about what we each want to prioritize and how to choose in alignment with this value. In addition, we more easily understand other people’s priorities and how to gauge the values driving their actions.

It is fascinating for me as the facilitator. We continually start our conversations with words I think are obvious to everyone. Then, I find different understandings and applications, which become clear to me once others share their thoughts. Expanding my capacity to hear, understand and accept is invaluable in my life. And I know this is true for the others in the Network.

‘What matters’ is the foundation upon which you build your life: the beliefs, values, cosmology, principles, and dreams. The topics selected for conversation each week almost always arise from the conversation the prior week. When needed, I turn to the 64 Ways in 64 Days to Practice Nonviolence to find topics.

These practices are part of A SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE, which is an international program that honors the vision for an empowered and nonviolent world practiced by Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Begun in 1998 by a group of organizations dedicated to the nonviolence principles of Gandhi and King, the dates commemorate the anniversaries of their deaths: Gandhi (January 30) and King (April 4.)

Every day a personal trait, skill or action is highlighted, and a simple act to enforce the trait is suggested. Since 2003, I have shared these practices with friends and colleagues. I love their simple elegance and power. Download a PDF document of the practices.

Participation in A SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE is simple: read the practices, talk about them with others, and implement them as best you can. Many people put the 64 Ways flyer on the refrigerator door and read the daily practice with their family. You can share it with co-workers in the office or in video-calls; send it to school with your children to encourage discussions.

Please remember you are always welcome to visit a Power Peers call as a guest in order to learn more about what we do; how you can benefit; and how you can share with others the power of talking about what matters.

Contact me to schedule a visit.

Laura Piening

Laura Piening

For nearly thirty years, Laura has worked with businesses, nonprofits and individuals to create clarity of meaning, purpose and organization.

 Our services help leaders to grow both personally and professionally, in order to build strong, agile organizations and communities.

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