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Remember What's PossibleNote: I wrote this story as a contribution to the Solari Backcasting project. Wikipedia defines backcasting as “a planning method that starts with defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify policies and programs that will connect that specified future to the present.”


It is the year 2030.

We have done the work required to shift the momentum of death and destruction that drove society for decades based on the belief that money and external power were the most important forces in the world.

It took time over the last seven years to shift our thinking and actions, but we had the best guidance possible – the Laws of Nature in partnership with the Divine. Once we decided to work with Life and Nature, we made good progress.

Our leaders have learned that people need to be held accountable for their actions; leadership is responsible to be honorable and to uphold the laws personally and professionally. They lead by example knowing that the old traits of greed, fear, anger, and envy have not disappeared.

Over the years, awareness grew of what was needed to maintain an honorable system of governance. Control became oversight and organization decentralized into local and regional communities. Citizens in communities, villages, towns, and cities developed their local resources and communications so that today they are self-sufficient on their own in many ways and fully when joining together as regional partners to complement one another’s production of goods and services.

People understand the need for balance in all things and work with the flow of Nature. It sounds so simple now that we have lived this way for a few years. However, it was not always easy. We had to listen. We tried new ways that did not always work well. We had to redesign our daily lives; how we ate; how we built homes and towns; and how we viewed other people, all living creatures, plants and the Earth itself. It had little to do with the old ‘environmentalist movement’. It was an energetic alignment with Life itself; allowing that humans are only one component of a much bigger picture of non-material existence. Whew! It was quite a trip.

Together we expand what it means to be truly human and honor the energetic and spiritual forces within and around us. We rose above the pettiness of the material world and know we are here to grow and learn towards balance in lifeforce and the inherent good of God/the Universe/the Is. Our goal became as STAR TREK’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard once explained, “We seek to better ourselves.” This effort has the challenges and rewards that make life worthwhile.

I am continually reminded of the words of Joan Grant in her book, LORD OF THE HORIZON:

“They achieved something vital to their happiness: they were no longer afraid of themselves, and so they had no reason to fear false authority. The weapon given into the hands of any tyrant is the accumulated fear which people feel for themselves.


The people have learned to love themselves; and so, they are free to love their fellows. They no longer feel guilty for their true feelings and awareness; they do not listen to external judgments; they are connected to Truth and who they are as enduring spirits.”

Not everyone lives like this. There are pockets and whole cities still following the materialistic force model with petty tyrants and corruption. However, the global elites of the past decades did not get the foothold they wanted. People turned away from their manipulations and lies.

For me, it is most glorious to live and work with others who understand this common vision and purpose. Thanks to all who helped, especially in 2023.


2023 – The shift begins . . .

The insanity reached a fever pitch in 2023. Many people walked away from the noise, control and manipulation. One unlikely force was the creation of compilation videos illustrating how illogical, false and hurtful so much of the prevailing culture and economy were. For example, compilation videos of the crazy TV ads clearly showing the insane side effects of the drugs; demonstrating powerfully that the medical establishment was selling fear.

It became a frenzy of who could create the wildest videos using actual mainstream information. When people said that this can’t be true, they were directed to the source. It was simpler than investigative journalism; it reached people in the place where common sense was hiding. The compilation of insanities was undeniable. The seers did not fight nor malign – we just let the inconsistencies speak for themselves.

Another force was the proliferation of new stories about what is possible in life. People didn’t let attacks stop them from dreaming; from connecting to the Divine to create a story of how we could live. The human spirit and Life in all forms were the heroes. People understood that a better world was possible.

People yearned for a connection and these stories explained how humans could live connected to something greater than themselves. The focus moved away from the material and external validation and into energetics and the power of human evolution. Many people were able to see a bigger picture; fear reduced; they chose simplicity and sustainability knowing they were responsible for their actions and the impact of those actions on others and Nature. It wasn’t easy, but the stories of what could be drove them. They desired to be useful to their community beyond the fear and attacks of those staying stuck in the past. They knew they could starve and could be punished but it was not happening in the moment so why not go for something better now.

They saw the Piped Piper leading the children off the cliff. People became aware of the manipulation and untruth. The stories of what’s possible spread; of living in balance and being partners with Nature/Life. People chose and said “No thanks” to controllers; they cried aloud, “I want to live as a human being choosing my own path.”

Awareness of the strength, beauty and potential of the human spirit grew. This began as the rising force; over the year it became a primary force. What exactly started it in 2023? Was there one defining moment? Not really, it was unseen as it grew. However, when the governments and corporations tried again to lock down the populations for a health/climate scare in 2023, people said, “No more!”

Sure, lots of people cowered in their homes and believed those resisting were wrong. But they did not act, did they? They sat at their computers and phones and wrote angry declarations. But they were already trained to stay indoors and comply. So those of us who knew better and were seeing more of what we could be as human beings gathered.

We gathered in person when we could; we attended public meetings to ask questions and share information. We listened to our knowing connected to something greater than ourselves. Our energy was strong and attracted others. We were strong and aware enough to stay out of the paths of those who would stop us. We flowed with Life in a deep partnership with the Divine. It was powerful.

We listened and followed the hundreds of leaders and specialists who shared ideas for resisting, making local changes, and being independent, disciplined and free. We built groups to get stuff done. We didn’t wait for governments or foundations to fund us. We just got started building and growing and connecting.

And we continued to tell the stories of what was possible that was happening in small ways in many places. . .

Laura Piening

Laura Piening

For nearly thirty years, Laura has worked with businesses, nonprofits and individuals to create clarity of meaning, purpose and organization.

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