Defining your Personal Cosmology

Each of us has a personal concept of how this physical universe operates in relation to us and everything around us, both living and non-living. The cosmos is defined as the universe considered as a harmonious and orderly system. Cosmology deals with the study of the universe as a whole.

Our personal cosmology guides our actions and determines the beliefs we speak and live every day. The power to make change comes when we are fully aware of the beliefs we hold. With awareness, we can evaluate if these beliefs are beneficial to us and others and if they contribute positively to life on this planet.

Consider the question: “Is the Universe a friendly place or not?” Albert Einstein said this is the most important question a human being need answer. Do you actually believe the Universe is working with you in a supportive, generative manner? Answer quickly; listen to what your heart says first off.

Every experience of my life – the good, the bad and the boring – confirms to me that the force of the Universe supports Life as the natural system we see around us. Thoughts, words, deeds, and actions aligned with the powerful flow of Life and its inherent striving for balance are supported in ways we cannot understand and imagine. It is a matter of trust in what I have come to know as so.

What have you come to know as so and how would you answer Albert Einstein’s question? Are these beliefs serving you? What would you change? Perhaps it would help to define your personal cosmology as you would like it to be – so that you can begin to build what is possible.




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