Power Peers Network

Real Talk. About What Matters.
Power Peers Network

We are a network of peers anchored in values and principles,
who inspire and support one another to grow in power, confidence, and awareness.

Our Vision
We learn from one another and build the experience of living as human beings – aligned with the Divine –
in harmony with nature – using knowledge and wisdom to improve society.

Power Peers
Critical thinkers who thrive when engaging new perspectives and seeing the big picture.
Collaborative creators seeking peers with whom to explore, share, and act.
Brave beings called to stand in uncertainty so that a deeper order can show itself.

How We Work

One-hour video-calls with guidelines and process to allow deep, meaningful conversations scheduled each week.

Facilitated by Laura Piening, Power Peers founder, who has utilized this conversation process to help
organizations and individuals find clarity and thrive for over twenty years.

These conversations can shift the dynamic of the world around us.

Power Peers speak from the beauty of our human spirit. Together we learn to:

Relax into respectful, intelligent conversations

Explore and speak what we truly believe and hope

Clarify our deepest values and beliefs for ourselves

Improve our ability to communicate our ideas simply

Say “I never thought of it like that” more and more often

Open to new perspectives

Restore hope and faith in others

See our common humanity

Allow clearer thoughts to percolate and rise up

Release the need to advise, consult or demonstrate expertise

Take the time to allow a shift in thinking

Keep honor with our highest principles and hopes for the future

Prepare to lead in new powerful ways

Find a path to hope

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No more BS. Real talk. About what matters. With decent, diverse people.

‘What Matters’ is the foundation upon which you build your life – 
a foundation of beliefs, values, cosmology, principles, and dreams.

Are you someone who can take in what you are being offered?

Follow your intuition; knowing there is something here you can learn and nourish your spirit.

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Testimonials from Power Peers Participants

“Each person thinks deeply about the world we live in and how they can best contribute to it.”

“Laura’s ability to challenge me to imagine and explore possibilities is exciting.”

“I find the Power Peers Network to be a profoundly connected and joyful experience.”

“I encourage you to join a network as I know Laura will be an excellent guide towards discovery of new outlooks.”

How It Works

Power Peers Network

  • One-hour video-conference calls facilitated by Laura Piening, founder of Powers Peers Network.
  • Conversations begin around a topic and evolve as we lead one another into new realizations and clarity.
  • Calls follow the Conversation Café Agreements and process.
  • Peers share ideas, insights, and questions; we explore new ways to operate at higher levels.
  • Topics each week are selected by the group based on ideas and questions that come up in previous conversations.
  • Topics include – big concepts like courage, trust, knowing, and power, and – societal forces like humor, art, and music, and – questions, such as ‘What is Time?”
  • Cost – $20 per call; Series $150 (10 calls within 3 months)
  • Download the Power Peers Overview to share with others.

Power Peers Presentations & Workshops

Presentations teach skills and motivate your team:

  • To practice the guidelines, process and topics to lead and facilitate deep conversations.
  • To experience how it feels to speak from your heart and seek to understand and explore ideas with others.
  • To develop a sense of the power inherent in living what you truly believe.

Book the format that best serves your group:

  • 20-minute free presentation with exercises to engage audience.
  • Workshop with breakouts for participants to experience Power Peers conversations.
  • Multi-session seminar to expand awareness and the capacity to live your core values.
  • All presentations available via video-conference calls.
  • Download the Presentation Overview to share with others.

All sessions designed and presented by Laura Piening.


Consulting/Coaching/Creating Clarity

  • Laura works with businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to create clarity of meaning, purpose, and organization.

  • Guidance, resources, and coaching for individuals are available.

  • Projects to support staff or clients incorporating a Power Peers circle are designed to build stronger, agile organizations.

  • Our best way forward is to accept our place in a greater pattern of life and learn to trust our inner knowing to guide actions.

  • Laura works with clients to focus on building a balance of humanity, nature, and technology in one’s life and work as a model for others.


“Laura Piening is an absolutely brilliant person. She is so smart and so fast; she gets it!”
-Terry Cole-Whittaker, Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author, Live Your Bliss!

by Laura Piening

Thought Provoking
By Amazon Customer

Your Afterlife Review is thought provoking as well as intriguing. It will have you thinking in more depth about your life – past, present and future. The author gives the reader a glimpse into some of her own life experience. The book is well written and presents complex concepts clearly. The format of questions and examples helped me consider other possibilities. It’s a great read! I plan to read it again.


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